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From Miguelitor Street Photography Course

Self-Portraits In Street Photography

¨People like self-portraits in the streets, it makes you participate in the scene blatantly as Velázquez and El Greco already did in their works "Las Meninas" and "The Burial of Count Orgaz" respectively, or how Alfred Hitchcock did in his films, without saying ‘this mouth is mine’ but realizing everything. You can also participate in the scene, be number one witness of what happens in your photography, self-portray yourself, like Velazquez in Las Meninas¨. -MIGUELITOR







Streets are the scenario of life and we, the passers-by, are in a certain way the actors on that scenario. Street photography is to capture everything we walk, investigate, observe, listen to,’s to photograph a moment and make it beautiful, photograph life, give your opinion with an image, which must never be prepared

Self_portraits In Street Photography
Belonging To The Scene
Mirrors And Geometric Shapes
Self-Portraits And Shadows
Slow Shutter Speed in Self-POrtraits
Dividind The Frame in Self-Portraits
Juxtaposing in Self-POrtrait
The Eye

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Winnie Yeung

This Course has inspired and changed my sight

Eva Lau

Incredible how in a few lessons my photography came much better, thanks

Michael Kirsten

Miguelitor always says the important of being without a camera. Thanks a lot


Kai Wong

Square format in the street is most amazing thing I have discovered in photography, Thanks again

Tomasz Wisocki

This is the course for all photographers lovers, it is good for traveling, photographing your family, street, wedding...Amazing, 100% recommended 

Julie Brown

Simple amazing, thanks School of phototographeres and Miguelitor